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Hand Painted silk scarves

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The wake of the Moira in Australia



Click on the map or on the menu images above to follow the wake of the Research Vessel Moira in Australia. If you click on the right (green) marker you'll go to the first page of the log. Click on the red marker to go back to the last log entry.

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Holidays in New Caledonia and Vanuatu

This is a ramble through some other sites that Freddy and I have produced over the years we have been cruising aboard the Moira. What follows has nothing to do with the Log of the Moira other than the websites were produced aboard the Moira years after the voyage you are reading about. So, again, click on the above map to get on with the story. You can safely ignore what follows below.

If you already ARE on a superyacht and plan to go to New Caledonia be sure to contact Chloe at Noumea Ocean; the very best Yacht Agent in Noumea

If you like mermaids, you'll absolutely love the Mermaid Art of Mermaids in the New Caledonia Lagoon.

Guides to Cruising and Vacationing in Vanuatu

If you decide one day to have a vacation in Vanuatu, the first thing you will need to do is to find out about Vanuatu hotels . The best way to do that is to get a copy of the Vanuatu Tourism Guide CD that Freddy and I poduced. It is essentially a Cruising guide to Vanuatu created for travel agents. Why would travel agents need a guide to Vanuatu? Well, there is a 20% per year turnover rate for employees in travel agencies (I guess they get caught up in the whole idea of travel and leave). Anyway, the travel agencies are forever bringing in new people and they need to learn about the travel possibilities in various counties. The country that has the easiest learning curve captures the new travel agent. So we created the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu to promote tourism in Vanuatu. The Vanuatu Tourism Department distributed over tens of thousands of copies around the world for 5 years and every year tourism increased dramatically.

One of the reasons the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu is so popular is because of the thousands of high quality Photographs of Vanuatu Images. These are full screen images, with 360 degree panoramas of hotel rooms, restaurants, resorts, and hotels. Even if you don't get a Rocket Guide yourself you can see some of the images of Vanuatu Hotels and Resorts on on Vanuatu Accommodation.

For more in depth links to vacations in vanuatu click here.

Guides to Cruising and holidays in New Caledonia

Following the amazing success of the Vanuatu guides, Freddy and I created a travel guide to New Caledonia New Caledonia Tourism Guide CD. These follow the same Rocket Guide model as the Vanuatu guides. They are essentially Geographic Information Systems distributed on DVDS with high resolution satellite images of all of the country with overlays on getting there and around, where to stay, eat and party, things to do, points of interest and of course contacts and communications. They are comprehensive. We wanted to create "monographs" - encyclopedias of tourism and cruising for each country. We were doing this before Google Earth and are still pretty much in the lead as far as ease of use and depth of information is concerned. Like the Vanuatu guide, the New Caledonia travel guide (with over 700 tourism features) has thousands of images of New Caledonia. You can see some of these on our online New Caledonia photo library New Caledonia Stock Photos and the related New Caledonia Lagoon, New Caledonia Accommodation Images library. For more links to New Caledonia holiday information click here.

The travel guide to New Caledonia is also in French and Japanese. Our French website for travel in New Caledonia is Annuaire de Tourisme Nouvelle Caledonie. You can even find out how to make an appointment with a Noumea Dentist

The Cruising guide to New Caledonia is, in my modest opinion, the world's most advanced cruising guide. It is also in French Guide Nautique Nouvelle Caledonie and believe you me, that wasn't easy to do even though Freddy IS French. You can find out more about cruising in the south Pacific here.